5 reasons to fire your boss…

I read an article in NST last week. Very interesting. I put some asam garam of my thoughts to the 5 points. If any of the point touch you… quickly take an action. Don’t delay or procrastinate. The 5 reasons are:

  1. You want to own your time and salary. Ever wonder why some people in your taman are very cool, spend time in masjid after Subuh prayer, send their child to school, have a family breakfast everyday and when you come back home from office, you see them already in their house. And yet you see them financially OK. This is call time freedom. Do what you want and when you want it.
  2. You want to live your passion. Imagine doing something that you don’t have heart doing it. You don’t like it. Imagine if I cook in my home. I don’t like cooking. So what will be the dish taste? Not so delicious right.. Samalah kalau kita pergi kerja, tapi kita tak suka. Resultnya teruklah. Tapi kenapa kita pergi kerja lagi walaupun dalam hati kita eeee…  menyampahnya. Is it because of the money? You ask yourself honestly. Kenapa bila masak, kita tak suka – kita boleh tak nak masak lagi. Because we have an option. Wife kita boleh masak. But why when we don’t like the job, we still keep doing it. Walaupun boss marah kita. Esok kita pergi kerja lagi.  Boss marah lagi. Esok pergi kerja lagi. Where to put our face. Don’t you have an option? Yes you have an option, but your desire are not strong enough, you are not bold enough. “Dare to fail” quality is still very low. You are still afraid of what people will say to you…
  3. The corporate life and its office politics don’t suit you. You don’t like it and believe that there are other ways to success in life. You must find the ways
  4. You want to work your potential now instead of after you retire. Imagine you have strength that other people don’t have it. Your boss does not aware of your strength but you know you have the strength e.g. presentation skills, negotiation skills etc. And you want to leverage your strength. Build it now rather than later. Owning a business now is cheaper than the last time.
  5. You don’t like the standard pay raise. You want when you work more, you will be paid more. You don’t like a linear income. You like an exponential income

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