A very interesting view on learning English: IKIM interview

While waiting for my wife and kids at pasar ikan. I tuned to IKIM radio.

Interview with EPL Coaching Team. I love the style and the accent of Coach Sha when she answered questions from IKIM. I believed she will be very popular for teaching English the new way. She can talk many languages.
Among notable talk that I jotted down on my O2 PDA are:

  • You are not going to learn English here, but to use it.
  • Practice makes perfect in other subject but Practice makes Fluent for English
  • For better pronunciation –  the input is to listen
  • Use English:English dictionary – this was my teacher advise as well

Coach Ridz (I think her husband) said why people don’t want to talk:
1. Pronounce English susah
2. Vocab banyak yang tak tahu

He advise to use the words 10 times then it become yours.

Students always use YES when answering question. She suggested to change YES with Absolutely, Certainly. For example, when being asked “You look handsome today?” Say certainly instead of “yes”

Problem when we write & speak:
1. Vocab – we stuck e.g. Sumbangan – we forget theEnglish equivalent word. So use BM, simplify it. U can use ”give good things”

Use thesaurus. Read more. Leaders are readers.
Listen more. Get input. More input.

Listen to dialogs. Learn phrases not only words.

Accent. Don’t put much worry on it. It could be Pyongyang or Pyongyeng. Doesn’t matters.

Read Quran more – we the Muslim are very fortunate because our tongue is already get used with many phonetics – read more quran with tajwid – slang improves.

To be good at English – use it.

Not to hearing but listening.

We create the environment so that our students can practice English without going to UK – the English speaking country

We don’t say Hello to our seminar participants and then when finish we say Bye-bye. We continue networking.

I browse their blog. They have an excellence blog as well. May be I can copy their idea and use it in our unit trust agency.

Their blog address is www.mycoachingzone.net

Their final words: Make us happy, we make u happy.


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  • I heard the show on the radio as well! I went straight away to Google and somehow landed on your blog. I think I might have sign up for the EPL program, you should too!

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