Analysing Steve Jobs Principle for Unit Trust Business

Yesterday brainstorming, Jas has shared the BFM interview on Steve Jobs.

7+1 principles from Steve Jobs perspective:

  1. Do what you love. Start with your passion
  2. Put a dent in the universe. Always try something different
  3. Kick start your brain. Be creative. Connecting things
  4. Big seller. Sell dreams not product
  5. Say NO to 1000 things. Man of focus
  6. Create insanely great experiences
  7. Master the message. Message get across
  8. Happy to be alive

If you don’t love doing unit trust business, then the result is that you will not excel in the business. Sometimes the love and passion comes later in your career or in your business. It develops over time.

I still remember when I just started doing unit trust business 5 years ago, I feel awkward a little bit. Of course la sebab kita baru tukar bidang from IT and engineering into unit trust.

Over the time when we have develop the skills and the confidence, we started to like the business. And when we experience sendiri betapa senangnya nak cuti tanpa perlu jumpa boss. We like the business even more. Plus, cuti panjang pun dapat gaji, lagi OK.

When the business grow. Your unit trust agency grow. Your downline pun grow. Their income grow.

Lagi best, when I see my downlines success in achieving their goal. Lagi lagi lagi suka.

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4 thoughts on “Analysing Steve Jobs Principle for Unit Trust Business

  • Agreed totally. In whatever that we do, if we do it with love & passion + patience & persistance + berdoa & bertawakkal + bersyukur kepada ALLAH SWT, InsyaALLAH, happy to be alive!! These not only applicable to our UT business tapi FAMILY as well. Apabila sudah berjaya kelak, jangan pula menyombong diri. Heee

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