Anda Akan Dapat Apa-apa Yang Anda Inginkan Jika…

Malam tadi I watched a video by Kevin Harrington who sold a total sales of USD5bill products.

He is a student of Zig Ziglar.

In short. I nak emphasis on his…

4 Steps to Build Confidence:

1. Imagine (u hv created vision board)

2. Desire (we already hv it)

3. Believe (we hv got to stregthen it)

4. Act (we hv taken action. And we must istiqamah till..)

And the famous quote by Zig Ziglar

“You can get everything in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want”

Mapping into our UT business:

1. Jumpa seramai mungkin org to help them double or triple their cpf money

Will u listen to people if he says “Can I help u double or triple ur money…”

2. Jumpa seramai mungkin Gen Y to double their invmt on the spot. 1k become 2k. Tggl beberapa tahun je lagi insentif PRS ni. Cpt sikit

Will Gen Y nak RM1k dtg dr langit. 100% return on the spot.

3. Jumpa seramai mungkin orang to build this business sampai dpt passive income (CB) RM25k. Atau help them to get their first RM6,129 per mth.

Ramai kena terminate dan ramai graduate x dpt kerja yg sepatutnya. U just ask them..

4. Jumpa seramai mungkin ibubapa to start their edu plan for kids RM200 per mth for RM44k at year 17 of savings

5. Jumpa seramai mungkin org2 yg belum pergi Haji to start saving their money rm300 per mth to get RM38k at the end of year 10 of savings.

6. Jumpa all the CEO n BoD of company to make more money of their idle cashflow

Many people have done it. Why not us. We hv x accountants x engineer x tv crew and all the x.

7. Jumpa all business owner to start their retirement plan RM4,000 per mth for RM1mill at the end of year 20 of savings

Start with people surrounding us. Within our reach. Then move on. Expand

Assumption: annual average return is 8%

Peringatan ini ditujukan khas kepada GAM Hj Arif and all CNN team yg disayangi.

The time is NOW