April Incentive for Caliph Unit Trust Consultants

Mar Sales ended yesterday. Today we start a new book. Visualise your dream every morning and take action on it every day. Step by step. One client to one client. From 10k client to 40k client. From RM2k income to RM4k to RM6k to RM10k.

On Feb incentive, we congrat Syed Ali to achieve RM350k sales so dia dah dapat la RM300 as a special gift, besides income yg dia dapat lebih dari RM10k tu. For a young bachelor and such a handsome man from Yaman and Turkey tu kira cukup la…

For Mar, official sales figure akan keluar on 7 Apr. So far dah ada about 30 UTC yg qualify untuk dapat a special t-shirt with caliph logo because they have achieved a minimum sales of RM50k for Mar. Yg nak dapat duit RM300 dan RM200 tu belum tau lagi sapa…. tunggu..

Untuk Apr incentive reward, we still continue with:

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conduct weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest ONLY in Islamic Unit Trust funds. Don’t wait anymore. Time is running out. Join this sunrise industry. Call me 010-4203521 Zarif or register online through http://seminar.myunittrust.com

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