Brainstorm Notes 10-Nov-08 – JUST Unit Trust Group

1. Why Obama won, market goes down: “people buy on rumours, sell on facts. You need to differentiate between stock and economy

2. Dow Jones & Hang Seng index rebounce: may be a good time to switch-out your China funds. But few other factors to consider: how far can the market goes down/up and what is the fund size

3. KLCI: Factors to look for – Chinese New Year 26 Jan 09 and Umno election on Mar-09

4. 98 Financial crisis scenario: GDP (), interest rate high (8%-10%), property market bubble, banking sector weak, forex reserve BNM very low. 2008 global financial scenario: come to our training

5. Goal Setting Seminar 29 Dec 08 for all JUST unit trust agents: you can choose either morning session (8:30am – 12:30pm) or afternoon session (2:00pm – 5:00pm). Sharing experience by one of a doctor in financial planning

6. BOP Business Opportunity Preview Tuesday 11 Nov 08 8:00pm night by Jaslinah at Public Mutual Cheras

7. GBOS Grand Business Opportunity Seminar 24 Nov 08 7:30pm at Legend Hotel

8. Motivational Talk by Robert Young 25 Nov at Tropicana Golf Resort

9. Many unit trust consultants either from our agency or outside always ask us “Which fund to promote now”: PISEF, PIDF, PIOGF, PISSF, PISTF because it exposure to the market is LOW and the fund size is big. Another thing look for CPF friendly fund because redemption rate is LOW, thus there still have reserve in the funds

10. Sharing by Rozita Ahamad on Aggressive Sales Professional. All participants become fully-charged to make sales

11. Sharing by Iadah: she updates her clients by CAMS statement. She do financial planning style. Ask overall investment of his clients: property, ASB, savings berapa etc. Tanya dengan hikmah. She builds trust with his clients. Advise on clients monthly budget. where & how to spend money. She experts on one-to-one presentation. Only 3-steps (build rapport, present & close). She can do without FP Advisor and notebook PC.  Only with A4 paper, QFR, KLCI chart by Public Mutual and How she uses emotional buttons

12. FREE Lunch by Jaslinah. KFC dinner plate. Thanks Jas

Don’t forget our Goal Setting Seminar on 29/12/08.

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