Brainstorm Notes 9 Nov 2009 -JUST unit Trust Consultants


Jas, Nazri,  Arif, Raimy, Hesyam, Shohaimy, Baila, Shima, Azah, Syed Ali, Zarina, Ju, Maria

  1. Wasiat Seminar a succes 30 clients plus 30 unit trust consultants. Presentation materials available with your upline.
  2. Public Mutual seminar unit trust for those who would like to be a unit trust consultant will be held on 24 Nov 09 at Tropicana Golf Resort. Those who would like to attend call me.
  3. Market Update
  • Dow Jones – up beyond 10k level
  • unemployment rate rose to 10.2%
  • can KLCI go up to 1400? see

4. Sharing by Baila

  • Fear & Greedy
  • be fearful when people are greedy, be greedy when people are fearful

5. Tell the direction of the market

6. Sales tracking

  • Raimy target RM400k
  • Nazri target RM300k
  • Syed Ali target RM400k
  • Zarina rasa effortlessly can close RM200k. She want to be monitored. Not everybody can work on his own

7. How to get more clients

  • ask for more referral
  • focus
  • feel hungry

8. Money is just an intermediary. What can you do for RM10k. Don’t look at RM10k. Look at what the RM10k can give you

9. Sales target for the week

  • Nazri RM100k
  • Zarina Rm150k
  • Arif RM200k
  • Shima RM100k
  • Jas RM150k
  • Raimy RM150k
  • Syed Ali RM100k
  • Baila RM100k
  • Hesyam RM10k

10. Booth promotion

  • Ampang Point week 1 of Dec
  • 2 shifts (a) 10am to 4pm (b) 4pm to 10pm
  • 5 unit trust consultant per shift

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