Brainstorm Notes Lepas Raya – JUST Unit Trust Consultants

Welcome back to business. Dah lama cuti rasa macam berat nak start business balik ni. So to put you and me back on the right track, attend group activities like training and meetings.

Some of the points that I manage to record in our 2 weeks brainstorm are combined (28 Sept & 5 Oct) for your info and action:

  1. Increase your auto-debit sales. Think it is easy & it will come to you. Auto-debit sales is part of your passive income. Work once and get paid over and over. Do you like it? Majority of people can invest RM3 a day. Build your GAMship through auto-debit. Get your auto debit presentation material from your upline.
  2. CPF sales has increase from 30% to 60% sales from total sales.
  3. Unit Trust Agents yearly renewal – to attend minimum CPE points starting next year
  4. CUTE (computerised unit trust exam) exam will be tougher in year 2010 – so bring your prospect this year as many as possible. Let them become your unit trust consultant this year.
  5. Public Mutual Online – register via PB ATMs. The steps: select Other Services|More Services|Register for PMO|Key in local mobile no|Confirm mobile no.
  6. PB loan referral form – submit form directly to the bank.
  7. UTC (unit trust consultant) Connect – an online application that allow you to update your personal data on your own – it become easier to update your address, email, handphone etc – apply through Public Mutual branch for your password
  8. Statutory Declaration new form untuk Sijil SPM/Degree yang hilang – so please use the new form to avoid working at one task twice. This is for new unit trust agents yang baru nak register
  9. 2010 Sales Kickoff at One World Hotel 15 Dec 09 for top 400 acheivers. Those who are qualified will get an invitation from public Mutual headquarters and you must respond to the letter at your servicing branch
  10. New CPF 9N is now available for purchase – this form is to be used on 1 Nov 09 onward. Sekarang hantar guna borang lama. Don’t get confused on small matter. Keep updated on the sales process
  11. New working hours for branch (a) Bangsar: Mon & Tues – up to 730pm (every week). Sat 830-1pm: 1st week (b) Cheras: Tue (2nd week) Sat 2nd week. So to those unit trust agents yang part time, you can now submit your sales form without sacrificng your office hour. You can do it on Mon and Tue after 5:30pm till 7:30pm or Sat 830am-1pm at Public Mutual Bangsar or Tue and Sat at Public Mutual Cheras only on week 2 of the month. The work become easier now.
  12. Public MutualĀ  roadshow Oct till Dec 09 – subsidised at selected shopping malls Klang Valley, AEON Bkt Raja & Ampang Point – ask your upline for date confirmation and venue that may interest you
  13. Passive Income – build your team
  14. BoP or seminar unit trust as usual every Saturday – call your prospect to join this unit trust industry
  15. Saturday Training Schedule: 10-Oct-09, 7-Nov-09, 21-Nov-09. Take note of the last 3 trainings for 2009. Semua mesti datang.
  16. Goal Setting Workshop on 18-Dec-09 (Fri) – cuti muharram – so semua boleh datang. Put your dream on paper, divide it into smaller dream and achievable and take action on it.
  17. Market updates – positive sign to go upward in quarter 4. So help your client to invest now and they will be happy next year. When your client happy, they will introduce you to their friends. The repeat sales is become easier.
  18. Lesson learned from 1930 US depression mistakes – late fiscal stimulus – too early to pull back the fiscal stimulus – The US has to be very careful on this to avoid the W shape pattern to happen if they took out the fiscal stimulus too early. So when is to take out the fiscal stimulus?
  19. New organisation – EKUINAS – to buy “bumiputera” mid-small listed companies. They have RM5b with potential of additional RM9.75b
  20. 2 types of recession – structural (e.g. tiang patah) & technical (eg bumbung rumah bocor)
  21. New format for Asset Allocation tables and charts will be emailed to you by Jas
  22. Jas congratulate 4 new Agency Supervisors. They are Mazzura, Raimy, Syed Ali and Yusof. Congratulations…
  23. Raimy and Adzha akan kahwin this weekend.
  24. Sales Tracking…
  25. Sharing experience by Mai on how he get RM45k sales
  26. Sharing experience by Arif on how to make your sleep as ibadah..









1 thought on “Brainstorm Notes Lepas Raya – JUST Unit Trust Consultants

  • Tuan Haji;

    Apakah tindakan Penasihat Syariah P.Mutual berkenaan dengan ulasan/ penerangan seorang ustaz (Ustaz Zaharudin ) berkenaan dengan islam tidak membenarkan “overridding commission”.

    Pandangan ustaz ini sangat keras dan adakah sesiapa yang pernah merujuk dengan pihak- pihak lain.

    Harap mendapat penerangan dari yang yang arif …

    Md Yusof
    UTC Baru

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