Brainstorming 5th March by our JUST GAM Jaslinah

Public Mutual Trainings Updates

  • 6 mac new fund briefing
  • 7 mac investment talk
  • 9 mac zakat menyucikan harta 2 CPD point

Upcoming group coaching

Upcoming jas activities
sales workshop @ Public Mutual Butterworth, Batu Pahat & Muar

Market Intellingence

  • gold bukan long term
  • trend seen as ‘ke bawah’ utk long term
  • gold analyst said : trend 2 peak up 2 peak down

9/1 market up gold down
11/2 market up gold down

  • KLCI market dah touch up than 1600
  • down jones dah touch 13k (almost all time high)
  • semua ekuiti market dah tinggi tapi gold is lagged lambat


KLCI 1583

DJIA 12966

GOLD 1712

trend market
oil preassure – renewed risk to global economy
greece issue less concern


  • indikator market asia pasifik
  • slow blum smpi all time high lagi
  • hubungan dgn ittikal (since byk invest market China)
  • harga tengah rendah tapi suggest amik sikit portfolio utk ittikal (for those who loves)

Market Forecast 2012 KLCI 1620

Tyipical Cycle Public Islamic Dividen Fund

  • rebalancing at q4
  • q2 & q3 DCA
  • exception at q1 & q4
  • severe market jatuh paling lama 1 bulan

Situasi Greece

  • masuk duit tak cukup-cukup mcm poket bocor

BFM updates

  • one guy said ’bankers are stupid parasites’ - bcoz killing the hosts
  • kenapa Greece jadi cam sekarang
  • Greece tak fit kriteria nak join jugak Euro (negara kaya)
  • niat asal nak tolong but benefits Germany actually
  • they help negara kaya dan pinjam dgn Germany but have to buy from Germany

Just Sharing

Asian Top Billionaire rise up 43%

  • Mukesh Ambani > Li Ka-shing > Lakshmi Mittal

Hand phone chargers whilst travelling
roaming chargers masa travel avoid outstanding chargers

  1. .off data roaming
  2. need internet – check price, avoid heavy download
  3. turn phone off when not using
  4. consider getting local simcard
  5. turn voice mail off
  6. use skype

Jeremy Lim Havard graduate turn basketballer overseas

  • underdog at first
  • but practise very hard
  • bila ada peluang show very best
  • compare to us
  • we want 10mill customer but dont practise
  • when that moment come i should be ready

Mistake we made

  1. cakap only
  2. no practise
  3. takde cukup affirmation

be like harimau, cari then terus ngap. dont kalau lapar baru cari.

Nelson Mandel 27 tahun duduk penjara now jadi celebrities
coklat Hersheys 3 kali setup coklat company then failed baru jumpa Hersheys

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