Brainstorming Picture 11 Oct 2010

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Nampaknya ramai datang brainstorming hari ini. Raya pun dah habis. Kak Ani nak pergi Haji. Dapat la jugak makan nasi lemak sotong dia. Thanks kak Ani.

Brainstorming notes yang dapat dikongsikan bersama. Sebahagian telah ditapis dan tak di”blog”kan. Telah dihantar kat email Caliph Unit Trust Consultants.

1. PIDF and PIBF closed for opportunity to invest max 30% to foreign fund
2. PIEBF re-open 6 Oct min inv RM100k
3. Leaders mtg 27 Oct 3pm to 5pm, Agents mtg 28 Oct 8pm to 10pm
4. Oct training schedule. Check compulsory course to attend
5. Marketing Power Seminar 12 OCT 8pm
6. Call Aniza 0320957713 13 Oct Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre for FPAM seminar
7. Market Updates:

  • KLCI up. Regional turun last week. China is being blame for not revising their currency to increase their currency value.
  • but US in 1931 was also having surplus but yet did not take action to increase their currency value.

8. EPP (Entry Point Project):

  • To grow the Msia economy
  • GLC to outsource to Asset Mgmt com to grow their asset
    • to help Msia becoming islamic financial hub
    • currently 7 GLC value of RM500b
    • EPP try to encourage foreign fund to come in.
    • Asset Mgmt in Singapore is much larger than Msia even though their population is much lower
    • CPF contributor that has more than RM120k can invest 50% into fund
    • Msia is the 3rd largest islamic finance in the world


9. KLCI can reach up to 1564 according to the newspaper.

p.s. Arif and the Caliphs akan mengadakan Seminar Percuma untuk sesiapa yang ingin menjadi perunding unit amanah yang berjaya. Click untuk book tempat atau call/sms 013-3640043

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