Day 1 Training Material Revealed!!!

I join unit trust business on November 2005. Of course the preparation done before the November. Part of my “success” in the unit trust business is because I know nuts about what is unit trust, how unit trust works, how to make profit to your client. When you don’t know something, you will feel humble and it is easy to learn.

I still remember, I don’t have complete tools like thumb print pad, unit trust application forms etc. But my desire to do the business is so high. I call my upline and ask her to teach me how to approach client and close the sales.

It was Friday at Pandan Perdana office near LRT. 2 hours training before Friday prayer I was taught on unit trust business. I have not yet sit for the CUTE exam, but because of that desire yang meluap-luap to do it, I push my upline to teach me.

So when I kemas2 my office kat rumah, I found an 8-page notes handwritten by her. So if you want to be successful you must look into this training notes. Click each link below to learn

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p1

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p2

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p3

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p4

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p5

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p6

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p7

Day1 Notes UT in 2005 p8

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