Don’t be a unit trust consultant if you …

If you have the following traits and you don’t want to change it, then don’t dare to be a unit trust consultant:

  • No discipline
  • Small dream
  • Always use excuses
  • Not independent
  • No initiative – kena ketuk baru jalan

Why did I say that. Because unit trust consultant is a businessman. Business is different from makan gaji.

In makan gaji we can blame other people and still get our salary at the end of the month.

In business, if we blame other people then we do nothing but keep blaming and provide excuses upon excuses. At the end of the month, no income ma…

In makan gaji, if we don’t put our own initiatives, we still can get salary. Even if u go to work, punch in and punch out, tapi dok surf internet je, pun akan dpt gaji.

In business, if you go to ofis, surf internet, don’t call prospect, don’t meet client. No business la. Just for the sake of coming to the office.

But if you do unit trust business, in a discipline manner, put your initiative, call your prospect and meet your clients. The rewards will be great. Far greater than makan gaji.

With time and financial freedom. You can plan to take leave 2 months a year. You can go vacation to Turkey, LA, Tokyo etc for FREE.

If u wish to fire your boss, chart your own destiny, do what you want to do rather than the boss asked you to do,  then click for a one-hour amazing ideas on how you can be a succesful  UTC earning 5 figure income in less than a year. .

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