First get the right people on the bus, then decide where to take the bus

So far I’ve read two books about this topic. One is from Adam Khoo and another is Jim Collins of “From Good to Great”.

What this topic important to you and me is that:

  1. we don’t waste time recruiting people
  2. people don’t take hard feeling with us when they got a message “you are fired…” or “you are not allowed to join this unit trust agency”
  3. it will be easier to drive the bus

The right people are the people with passion and motivation. Fortunately in unit trust industry, we don’t really need the people with technical competence. The technical competence can be developed while you are running the unit trust business.

I have co-conducted a Caliph Unit Trust Agency training with Nazri and Raimy. And I told the class that who is clever enough about unit trust. No one does. Yes no one. Because we did’nt learn it in university. Unless you are coming from another unit trust company like CIMB Wealth Advisor (CWA).

We all learn about unit trust while doing the business in Public Mutual. Those with passion and motivation can click the link that will bring you to our FREE unit trust seminar. Click now

p.s. We will interview our potential agent on how serious they are into the unit trust business.

3 thoughts on “First get the right people on the bus, then decide where to take the bus

  • Really agreed with you and strongly Believe ; “We all learn about unit trust while doing the business”. No other shortcut to have all the knowledge and skills in short time period. We have to ride the learning curve. Experience it, then you know how to do it. Believe what your belief.

  • I am working as operation staff (branch) with other commercial bank, not a PB. I need to do a part time to earn extra income.Can I join u as a part timer Public Mutual UTC? Need ur advice.

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