Grand J-CHI Brainstorming by IWGoC Group Agency Manager Mai Farah




PMB Industry Updates

Change of agenct contract form

  • Don’t stack up stocks
  • If you have old stocks, can sell it back to management

Company Update

  • BoP in Shah Alam
  • Workshop in Bangsar branch by Mr  Alan Ling Sing topic Creating Dream

Branch booth scheme

  • Carrefour Cheras 17-23 Sept RM250/day
  • Tesco Cheras 17-23 Sept RM350/day
  • Carrefour Subang 17-23 Sept RM350/day
  • Tesco Ampang 24-30 Sept RM380/day
  • Giant Kinrara 10-16 Sept RM350/day

Industry Updates

  • FIMM Annual Convention
  • Submission deadline 20/9
  • Closing date 25/9

Group Updates

  • 17hb Monday Jaslinah’s ‘Monetary & Sweet Spot on CPF sales’ from 9am to 1pm
  • Saturday coaching to resume after Syawal
  • Halfest : committee set-up and meeting
  • Coaching minggu ini takde, ganti 17hb Training Jaslinah
  • 29/9 Bukit Kiara 930am BoP by Mr Sugu.
  • Jumaat 14 Sept BoP & Coaching @ Shah Alam by Arif Ismail
  • Sabtu 15 Sept BoP @ Cheras by Mohd


  • UT magazines boleh dapat dari UTC connect (notices icon) – good articles RCA, Customer relations, choosing the right consultants,


What clients wants with us

  • Honesty
  • Do simple presentation
  • They want to hear from you but they want to do research themselves
  • If you push your product they will run away, you should push the needs


Imagine one of the biggest Islamic Funds Manager, have only 12.6% bumi Group Agency Manager. Where are the bumis. Only 39 Group Agency Manager. If you have the desire to build your own business, can you see this huge business opportunity…

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