Grand Seminar for Potential Unit Trust Consultants at the Highest Place in Lembah Pantai, KL

We are inviting all hungry potential Unit Trust Consultants to come to our unit trust business opportunity seminar at the highest level (place)  in Lembah Pantai i.e. Level 50 Menara TM, Jalan Pantai Baru KL on 26-Jan-08 Sat 10:0am to 11:59am. Admission is FREE. And because the place is high it is better you bring your friends along just in case you feel “gayat”. This is the Grand Business Opportunity Seminar or previously known as Grand Business Opportunity Preview which we normally held only 4 times a year in KL. Just grab it now. Call/sms 013-3970588 Azah or register online through

Read on… Thus if you think:

  1. you have what it takes to succeed in the business
  2. you don’t like 9-to-5 job that force you to work like a donkey but earn like a monkey
  3. you want to escape the corporate rat race where normally they practice rat-eat-rat mentality to succeed
  4. you want to choose the people you work with
  5. you want to start business with minimal investment
  6. you want to travel overseas every year
  7. you want to work from home
  8. you want to reap the rewards of numerous tax advantage
  9. you want to enjoy the opportunity for unlimited income
  10. you want to have the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed
  11. you want to escape the massive traffic jam during peak hours
  12. you want to take leave and you don’t want your boss says you can’t
  13. etc…etc…

Don’t wait anymore. Time is running out. Join this sunrise industry. This Feb 1, where CPFmove to allow young investor starting from 18 years to invest in unit trust will open up huge market to unit trust industry. What we need to do is just meet this youngsters and help them to invest. Win-win right, thus insyaAllah they will invest. So call/sms Azah 013-3970588 or register online through

And I think you already know that the current economic model that we live under now is broken. Think of the following statements:

  1. Major corporations, companies are laying off thousands of employees
  2. Half a million jobs a year are eliminated by technology and never to be replaced
  3. The secret to true financial independence is working for yourself
  4. Most jobs are built on working more hours to get more income – This is what we called “trading time for money trap”

Also remember that what Robert Kiyosaki says

  1. If you want to get rich, don’t go to school – what we do here is learning by doing
  2. The rich is looking for network, everyone else is looking for work – In Unit Trust (Mutual Fund), we are looking for network.

Call/sms Azah 013-3970588 or register online through

Menara TM building

Seminar Unit trust Public Mutual Consultant

Map to Menara TM

map to seminar unit trust public mutual

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