Grand Unit Trust Business Opportunity Seminar at Shah’s Village Hotel PJ – Its FREE

The last one we had the Unit Trust Grand Business Opportunity Seminar was on 26 Jan 2008 at Menara TM. This coming Saturday 1 Mar 2008, 10am to 12 pm, we are going to have another FREE seminar at Shah’s Village Hotel, PJ near AmpCorp Mall. The nearest LRT station is Taman Jaya station. As attendance is limited to 50 seats, we advise all interested individuals to register yourself at NOW.

Last month when we open the registration, it was quickly grab by the hungry potential unit trust consultants. In the first 4 days we open the registration, all 50 seats is fully taken up. Luckily the place where we conducted the seminar allow us to open more seminar room to accomodate an additional of 50 people to join.

Why is that we want you all to attend the above seminar instead of sleeping/shopping/eating on Saturday morning.

  1. This is the time where people of Malaysia are almost fully aware that the investment in unit trust is good – Opportunity, Easy to Market
  2. The move by CPF to liberalise Account 1 withdrawal from as young as 18 years old has opened up huge market – Ready Market
  3. This is one of the sunrise businesses that are easy to implement and very cheap to enter – Opportunity
  4. Majority of corporate employees, small business owners, young graduates whether their backgrounds are engineering, graphic designing, accounting, finance, teaching, ahlil musik, doctors and lawyers are getting tired of working 9 to 5 job where they have no choice but to to go to their workplace at peak hours-JAM. In addition, they don’t like their salary as well. Ask your friends whether they think they are underpaid or overpaid?
  5. The opportunity to be yourself, to love what you do and do what you love is now open wide
  6. Meet with the author of blog

If you all miss the kampung environment, come to our seminar. Below is the unit trust seminar place:

Public Mutual Consultant Seminar Building

A very nice view of Shah’s Village Hotel PJ

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