How an engineer resign, then became a Group Agency Manager with a leading unit trust company within 4 years

The seasoned wise saying but still hold true ”If there is a will, there is a way”. In anything you do, if you really want it bad enough, you will find the ways, insyaAllah.

I know the engineer very well. His vision is how he can have a very long leave every year. Work 8 months, vacation 4 months, without the boss asking why.

This coming new year. He will share with you on how to resign from a company with some money in hand and also how he build his business in a very short time.

So kalau you nak tahu rahisa-rahsia tu, you can register at or sms 013-3640043. Tapi untuk agen-agen baru je yang belum join Public Mutual la. Kalau yang dah join dengan agensi lain tu, tak boleh lah datang nanti orang marah la dengan ana bila korang nak join caliph agency. Tak dapet den nak nolong.

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