How to be an Aggressive Sales Professional Part 2

2nd day of ASP training. Early in the morning, essay about Day 1 lessons is vetted by the facilitators. Azizah punished those who complain, did not arrange their seat properly and those who did not wear the name tag.

Lesson learn: when you do sales:

  1. you must be prepared
  2. no blame, no complaint, no excuse
  3. leader must take charge to ensure his membes are all prepared
  4. no failure, wrong results – change strategy

We practice & role play the 7-Steps of Selling Skills (CINYSAP) and use 4 Arrows of Power Communication (SHET)

We learn the 4-quadrant of people i.e. King, Warrior, Magician and Lover

During lunch break, we were ask to exchange call card to prospect as many as possible

We learn the Verbal Taichi

Share stories and tell about our dream.

Our homework for the 2nd day are:

  1. to call our 3 persons that we love and tell them thank you for …
  2. to prepare goals book

2 thoughts on “How to be an Aggressive Sales Professional Part 2

  • Arif, do you want to share your dream with us ? 🙂 , Monday nanti you demonstrate to us the verbal taichi eh..

  • Yes InsyaAllah Zam. Verbal Taichi gist is to align with your customer then to propose solution. Esok sampai Monday, I gi seminar Dr Lawrence. So kali ni I learn from the main source about verbal taichi.

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