How to build your huge downlines in unit trust business

Instead of searching for people to join you as a unit trust consultant, you now can make people find you to be your unit trust consultant. How do you like the idea… Sexy right.

In the unit trust business, you will initially become an agent and then the agency supervisor, the manager and the unit trust manager and ultimately the group agency manager. If you don’t grow then might as well you stay put with your current 9-to-5 job.

So how to build your massive team while you are still new in the business. Can you do that. Yes you can. It is all begin with the state of mind.

For people to join you, you must become a leader, an established leader. Before you become a leader, whether you like it or not – you are the follower. Then you move to become the up-and-coming leader and finally the established leader.

While in the process, you can still attract people to join you as a Public Mutual unit trust agent. You cannot wait till you become an established leader.

I am going to show you the detail how you too can attract more downlines to your team within a year of joining the unit trust business.

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