How to learn unit trust business in 45 minutes

For readers (especially silent reader) that have asked what are the other 72 secrets that we have taught our unit trust consultants every Saturday. Today, I will share with you the second one.

I met my new unit trust consultant Yusof who was a JVC technical specialist. We spent about 45 minutes in Presint 15, Putrajaya, while waiting for Raimy and Ali to play ping pong last night.

The second secret is:

You must have the attitude, the skills and the knowledge. The best thing about unit trust business is that the product knowledge factor contributes only 10% to to your success in selling unit trust. The attitude tu la yang banyaknya.

Click the picture on how I teach my new agent in doing unit trust business. you don’t believe how fast it is.

Unit TrustSelling Technique 2

And this is the second page.

Unit Trust Selling Technique

Then Raimy datang main ping pong. Malam tadi seri 1-1. Raimy still tak puas hati.

p.s. Arif and pertama kali dalam Malaysia akan mengadakan seminar how you can do unit trust business within 45 minutes. datang segera sebelum seminar ini dikenakan bayaran. Click for details or call/sms Adam at 017-6996073

5 thoughts on “How to learn unit trust business in 45 minutes

  • Salam Tuan Ariff,

    I thought we should switch whenever we want to lock profit rather than repurchase, since EPF investment is for long term?

    Good sharing anyway, and keep sharing!


  • Miera,
    Bukan target tu 10%. Maksudnya we can consider to sell or switch depending on market condition if the annual return is > 10% (greater than 10%). Tulisan cakar ayam tu tak dapat nak explain dgn baik. I write and verbally explain to my new unit trust consultant. Thanks for highlighting it.

  • Afandi,

    You are right. Switching is also one of the strategy. And it also depend on your discussion with your client. Some client would like to put it back into EPF. Some would like to switch it into a transit fund like PIMMF.

    We got to play our role as a unit trust consultant to our client. There are pro and cons of switching and redemption (repurchase).

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