I found these photos during 5S exercise in my home office

May be you know about the Japanese 5S system. Seiri, seiketsu etc. Basically susun, simpan dsb.

I found many documents dated 1997 to 2005. These are the docs that I kept during my career with Telekom Malaysia. And I throw some of them as it will not be used in the future. Technology has changed a lot. I still keep the important one like agreement etc.

I also try to locate some of certificates and awards, training notes and presentation materials  during my tenure as Public Mutual agents. What I found are these pictures.

arif award with all cheras recipient-1

Public Mutual Award Recipients Cheras Branch

arif top recruiter photo-1

Top Recruiter Award Category

azah top recruiter photo

Top Recruiter Award Category

Lesson learned for me  is that we must always do the 5S of all our belongings so that when we want it, it will be there in the right place. Easier to find it.

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