If you are worry about the economy. Read this. Get inspired by Jack Ma


When people start to worry. That is the OPPORTUNITY

I am very optimistic

Great innovation, great companies always happening in the tough time.


Opportunity in the future is so huge.

In the last century, the IT is for BIG companies

The globalisation is for BIG companies


BUT now with the technology,

we can serve the 80% of the company that never been served

we can serve the 80% of the young people that never been served


Technology for internet is so cheap, so easy to use.

We can reach rural area people

Before the internet, many don’t know how to use PC

Now more than 80% rural peolpe use the handphone

They have the internet and the data


First 3 years, there is no revenue. But he still keep going forward. He believe

We are at the best of time of the century.

The first technology revolution is steam, the water in the UK. Very successful after 50 years.

Then, energy that is called electricity. After 30 years, it became successful.

internet is only


The last 20 years

IT is Information Technology.


This era is about I have it, you don’t have.


Now is the DT is Data Technology


DT is abiut sharing

take responsibility

your parents may not like it. Your friend may not like it


DT period. Everybody is the same. No one is expert


The best asset that u have is that you are young.


Think about how you can make difference