If your vision is BIG, all other problems appear small

I like to hear this from En Sugu, an invited speaker for Mind Power Seminar held at Public Mutual Bangsar last night.

One of a good example of the quote above “If your vision is BIG, all other problems appear small” is if you can remember the time where Tun Mahathir is our Prime Minister. We hear or read less problem compared to now. Why? Because at that time people focus on the vision. The solid vision 2020. All other problems appear small

Now, because we are lacking of our vision. We saw more problem arises. In the news, on paper, TV, blog etc. All problems. We are more focus on problem and forget about our vision.

So in doing business, if we have a big vision, all the problem become small. Problem of lack of knowledge and skills become small. Because if our vision is to become successful then we will find ways on how to improve our skills and knowledge.

If we don’t know how to do power presentation, we will find the ways.

If we don’t have the time, then we will make up for the time.

If our upline don’t bother about giving training to us, then we are the one that will give the training.

We must take charge of our own life. We cannot dependent on others. We must chart our own destiny.

If your boss scolded you, then tomorrow you still come to work. Where is your pride.

So no 1, you must have your vision. You must have your goal. And take action on it.

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