Industrial Age vs Information Age

Do you know when was the industrial age starts. Perhaps in 1900 when Ford started his factory producing car for everybody. Sounds familiar right. It is like “Now everyone can fly” from AirAsia. I don’t know who copy whom. But it works.

Next, when is the Information Age starts. I believe when IBM started building the first computer. At that time, the computer size is as big as your living hall in the house.

What is the difference between the two ages:

  1. It takes a lot of money to build factory, businesses and the effort to put is huge in the industrial age for you to make money
  2. In the information age, people start their business from a dormitory or from the bedroom. The capital to start is minimal that it can be less than RM300. And may be a one man show business. Dell has proven this from a bedroom to a multibilion dollar company.

We are now have moved from industrial age to information age. You must aware about it. Then you can take action on it. Else, you will still wandering and thinking like in industrial age.

The mindset is different now if you want to succeed in the information age.

But are our education evolves according to this trend? Not only in our country but all over the world, our education system is still based on industrial age mentality. Therefore you can see many people who have degress, masters still cannot find a job or cannot start their own business.

The information age move very fast. If you don’t do anything, you will be lacking behind. Far behind. Why almost all government cannot cope with the changes of the information age and map it to their education system. Because it changing every seconds. From DELL, yahoo, google, facebook many more.

But student in university is still studying C programming and sometime use Pascal.

When you know that the world is changing, we must also change. So attend short courses, seminar and read new books. 


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