It doesn’t take genius or talent, just perseverance…

I still remember when I just started doing unit trust business about 4 and a  half years ago. I know nuts about selling, marketing, closing and about the unit trust fundamental. Initially I felt it is difficult to see people. To ask for an appointment.

Then during the appointment day with unit trust prospect, what to talk. I think most of us the new unit trust agent will remember the script and then during the appointment, we will  talk a different thing. That is normal.

My friend said it is not about the teacher/upline in the class that tell us what to do that teach us a lot. It is about the work that we do when we are in front of your prospect client. This experience that will teach us the most.

With this, we will gain confidence and we will start building our thought on how to strategise our word, our action to act and react in front of the four types of clients – DISC.

And now fast forward 4.5 years, I have experienced more than 1630 appointments with my clients. And not all of them are perfect appointments. I have also lost some sales. Forget on the correct selling techniques. Too fast to close. Still, Alhamdulillah I managed to achieve yearly Million Dollar Producer since the beginning.

So what does it take to succeed in sales, in marketing unit trust. Talent or genius. NO. It is PERSEVERANCE.

Why did I said that. Because there are many unit trust consultant have no degree in sales or marketing, no degree in finance. But still can produce great result.

If you have a desire to work on your own, to start work at your own preferred time, to take leave as you wish,  to avoid traffic jam etc. Then you must think of becoming a Public Mutual unit trust agent.

p.s. Arif and the Caliph Advisors conduct a Seminar for those who are like-minded on building their own unit trust business every Saturday. Masa musim-musim Syawal ni – banyak open house, so he and the team only do one-on-one meeting. You can call 013-3640043 for an appointment.

You can also register at for details

3 thoughts on “It doesn’t take genius or talent, just perseverance…

  • Saya amat bersetuju dengan tuan. Ianya hanya pada kehendak dan kemahuan diperlukan untuk bermula. Beza tuan dengan yang baru menggodek-godek page ini untuk memuktamadkan keputusan untuk menjadi agent hanya pada satu langkah iaitu keputusan muktamad menjadi agent. Kemudian, hanya masa yang akan mematangkannya. Beza 41/2 tahun hanya pada masa ; tuan bermula lebih awal!

  • Tuan,

    Saya baru 2 minggu menjadi agent insuran. Walaubagaimanapun, website ini banyak membantu saya, atleast menaikkan semangat saya untuk terus berusaha.

    Bolehkah menjadi agent insuran dan unit trust serentak?

    terima kasih.

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