It takes time to deliver raya gift to clients… some planning needed

From Monday to Wednesday, what my activity was… only delivering Aidilfitri gift to my clients. If there are clients wanted to invest, then I ask them to invest. But not to convince or persuade them to sign as the time is very limited.

I wanted to take leave on the last 10 days of Ramadhan so all gifts for clients must go before tomorrow. Alhamdulillah 90% of my clients are in Menara TM surrounding. Else, I got to take longer time. I even drive back to see my mom kat kampung Bukit Rambai and then give the gifts to my clients at Pengkalan Balak cable station.

So now 4:15 pm Wed 9 Sep 09… dah selosai bagi semua raya gift. What lesson can be learned here is that… it takes me 3 days just to deliver the raya gift to all my unit trust clients. Next year, I should minus this day as the non-sales day and focus earlier to close sales dyring Ramadhan.

Another thing is that, we need to allocate the budget for raya gift to our clients in the begining of each year so that you have enough money to spend for your client. Your client will appreciate it. And… the best thing is that, their neighbour at office will see the gift and ask me how come their unit trust consultant don’t give them any… You will attract many more clients silently.

This is the time I should brand Caliph Consultants to my clients as well as the prospects. I put my sticker on top of the gift but a little bit small. Next year, InsyaAllah I’ll put bigger and bold. You know for just about 15c a piece, you can make yourself difference from other unit trust consultant.


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