Jakarta Trip Lessons Learned

I’ve been away from 7 to 10 Aug 08 for a trip to Jakarta. 4 days & 3 nights there listening to Maulanas or Ustazs bayan (speeches) on the real success that we should track and follow. About 80,000 plus crowd around the world attending the ijtima’.

For many, success is like beauty. It is to the eye of the beholder. Some people says success is when you have a big car, big house, beautiful wives and so on and on. But Maulana says the real succcess is when you enter into Paradise. It doesn’t matter whether you have or you don’t have those big items. If success is due to those things many people would love to chase on, sympathy to the poor people because they can’t get success. And the fact that in the Paradise, the are many poor (in this world) than the rich (in this world). I am not saying you to become poor. I am saying we’ve got to let our brain to think far beyond this world.

What is the meaning of all the things that we have, that one day it is sure will be demolished. Either we will go first or our belongings go.

This message should be published earlier, but I’ve overlooked until my loved one asked me why I didn’t publish it. It was written somewhere in mid Aug 08 just after I came back from Jakarta.


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