JCHI Agency Brainstorming by GAM Farah

PMB Updates

  • NSC Bonanza Points
  • Extension of Campaign Period
  • CPD Points for Branch Booth Scheme

Group Updates

  • Halfest
  • 10th till 14th Oct 2012
  • PWTC
  • Committee
    • Mr Suguís class
    • 21 Consultants
    • Additional pymt of RM 90 per person for the month of August 2012


  • 11th August Coaching 3rd Floor Office block
  • 13th August Super Sugu Class + Brainstorming
  • 18th August No Coaching
  • 20th August Hari Raya eve
  • 25th August No Coaching
  • 27th August PRS Briefing
  • 1st September No Coaching – Anisís wedding
  • 3rd September Open House
  • 8th September Shah Alam Coaching

p.s. Arif and Caliph Unit Trust Agency will show you how to be an agent of a leading unit trust company successfully. They will berkampung at Public Mutual Training Centre Cheras from 9:30am to 1pm every Monday. Kalau rasa-rasa nak jumpa diaorang ni boleh lah call/sms my Personal Assitant Zarif 010-4203521 atau, you can register at†www.myunittrust.com/seminar


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