JCHI Double Extraordinary Motivation Session @ Public Mutual Agency

This is the best from Friday evening at Public Mutual Shah Alam branch 8:00pm to 10:30pm by Hafez. Baru 1 tahun buat PM, income dah more than 20k a month. Pernah cecah 48k commission sebulan
Saturday session jam 9:30pagi di Public Mutual Cheras Training Centre. Overcoming the Mental Barrier by Super Sugu.  Kalau nak tahu, datang sendiri training lebih teruja. Antara quote yang i like from Super Sugu
  1.  Tanda-tanda kita ni ada negative attitude is blaming people and keep complaining. I must change first. Take 100% responsibility
  2. Dont depend on other people to make life better and better. If I dont become rich, I ended up working with rick people
  3. I love what I’m doing
  4. In this world cuma ada 2 jawatan Boss and Employee. Even you are CEO u still a worker unless u become a boss. Employee difficult to become rich.
  5. No goverment in the world can help you. you must help yourself
  6. Healthy lifestyle tips

Here are some of the pictures from the power full double torque motivation talk

Friday with Hafez

Saturday with Super Sugu
p.s. Arif and CAliph Advisor will show you how to be an agent of a leading unit trust company successfully and become a successfull person plus income 5 figure within 3 years! . We will berkampung at Public Mutual Shah Alam Branch 8pm to 10pm every Friday and Public Mutual Training Centre Cheras from 9:30am to 1pm every Saturday . Kalau rasa-rasa nak jumpa diaorang ni boleh lah call/sms my Personal Assitant Mohd 010-4203521 atau, you can register at www.myunittrust.com/seminar

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