J.U.S.T Unit Trust Agency Meeting Notes

Attendance: Jas, Arif, Shima, Farah, Nazri, Zam, Aishah, Raimy, Syed Ali, Rezuan, Juliana, Aznita, Norizat and two potential unit trust consultants Luqman and Ali Imran.

  • Businesses that you can do if you want to be an entrepreneur is shown in table below. How easy is the unit trust business compare to the rest – by Norizat

Capital required



Petro-kiosk dealer300k

5k initially and after 2 years 20 to 30k

Income generated from fuel and groceries





Work hazard

Staff turnover

Kedai makan kat belakang PM Cheras. Daily expenses is RM800. This exclude the rental and the tools like pinggan, dapur etc.

3k onward

No time


  • Capital required to be a unit trust entrepreneur is only RM250 and it will be ZERO if you can produce RM50k sales in 6 months.
  • Robert Kiyosaki interview – by Jas
    • new book Rich Sister Rich Brother
    • Rich Conspiracy How the rich steal the poor thru the banking system – log into his web
    • He started a franchise for people to change
    • Mutual fund is not agile good for average people – they don’t have time, money and the knowledge
    • US is becoming 3rd world country because the gap between the poor and the rich becoming wider
    • System must be in place – your recruitment, your sales, your meeting and training

Compare 3 popular people – by Jas

W Buffet

Kiyosaki Azizi Ali
   Bought share at 11   Bought a small farm at 14 from delivering newspaper   Still stay in the same house 50 years ago in mid-town Omaha   No driver   Berkshire Hathaway own 63 companies, only write one goal letter each year   Only two rules   His advice: stay away from credit card and invest in yourself   Don’t do what others want you to do, listen to them but do what you feel good       Build business around your passion   Don’t pursue the money blindly
  • New Master Propectus released. Available at PM office. All CALIPH consultants can take their FREE copy at Arif’s cubicle
  • Dividends issued – PIDF and PIADF. Read from Public Mutual website for details as we cannot publish it here in accordance to SC rules.
  • Whether to buy Unit Trust before or after dividend date. Which is best?
    • Depend on market
    • no right no wrong
    • options – switch to PIMMF then switch back to Equity fund
    • you must aware that the dividend is taxable
  • Tips on transfer and roll-up client’s account from other agents or downlines to you – by Zam and Shima
    • Make sure new investment from your client, you put under new investment instead of additional investment
    • CPFclient yang pencen company automatically convert it into cash scheme. Ensure you must know they don’t withdraw all at once. It will affect your PS NAV year-end bonus
  • Ez-DDI sharing – by Juliana
    • How you can use DDI model to grow to become GAM
    • PII 2500
    • DDI 250
    • 1 week 2 DDI for 10 year investment
    • 10 MFAS duplicate
  • Azkari Talk – by Nazri
    • Biz is not sales alone. Biz is sales + recruitment
    • HOW is not important but WHY is most important because it will give you the way to find  HOW
  • The art of working smart- by Jas
    • Keep your focus – you must know your bearing. Which to focus
    • 80:20 rules
  • BESI quadrant
  • Pak Kiyai – by Raimy
    • The WHY and the HOW
    • In general, we always make effort on our brain. What we are lacking is our effort to our heart. Jas has given us the HOWs (our brain, our knowledge). We are the one need to develop our desire (the WHY). We knew many things but why we can’t move our hand to call our prospect or even our existing clients.Because our heart is ZERO.
  • Group Activities
    • Family Day
      • End June 09
      • PD golf & country resort RM170 two-rooms apartment
      • Games – Raimy + Arif
      • Logistic  – Farah + Ju
      • Makan – Jas + Shima
    • Charity
      • Rumah anak yatim Titiwangsa
      • IJN
      • Hemodialysis patient
    • Badminton
      • 8/5/09 @ Ampang 4pm to 7pm
  • Meeting ends 12:30pm

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