KL has changed… how about you

It was in 1995 when I first celebrate my Aidilfitri in KL. There were not many people in Taman Melati where my parents-in-law house is. I still remember it is only a few houses that are lighted – maksudnya ada orang la masa malam raya pertama tu.

Yesterday, 2009 Syawal – Raya pertama… ramainya orang tak balik kampung. So this is what I mean. KL has changed. Kereta banyak kat KL. Sembahyang raya pun ramai.

I start figuring out why this happen:

  • People who live in KL is now older and KL is becoming a kampung to them
  • Their grandparent or their parents dah tak ada. So only bapa sedara je ada. Thus, diaorang balik on Raya pertama lepas sembahyang atau Raya kedua

Similarly in business, we must change. The world has changed from industrial age to information age. I think many people has changed. You also has changed. Now, how we use the information that is important.

Who can leverage the information and put it into use will gain a lot. Look at Tony Fernandez, google, facebook… They were unknown before but became the household name globally in a very short period.

Time raya ni la I nak tanya Mr Godil how to optimise my new blog www.caliph.my. How to brand it as the best unit trust consultants blog in Malaysia. How can people who would like to join this unit trust industry – do it easier, faster and more efficient.

Akhir kata:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf  Zahir & Batin

No sacrifice, no victory

Arif at Kampung in Melaka.


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