Lessons Learnt on the First Day of Dr Lawrence’s Master Sales Leadership Seminar

I like the way Dr Lawrence conduct and control the seminar. There is small CHALLENGE early in the morning that when we enter the seminar room, register to the seminar, and have our seat, we need to fill in the blank of sentences in the workbook based on the posters pasted on the wall. 

My first group consists of me (Arif), Eddy, Paramjeet and Alka. Then we have our new group of me, Rosman, Nik and Puspa. They are from Avon company. Only two are unit trust consultants. One from Public Mutual and another from CIMB Wealth Advisor.

Jess open the seminar and introduce Dr Lawrence. Lesson One, try something different from others. When Dr Lawrence is introduced, he didn’t come forward but he plays a few selected movies (may be 80 movies) that are blended and refreshed to create SYNERGY and ENERGY, that remind you something, that associate you with something you have seen before. These create and generate interests, transfer the FEELING with energy. After that, then Dr Lawrence comes forward. But, he did not repeat to say I am Lawrence bla.. bla.. blaa… Great introdution. The gist of  his introduction is ENERGY. The Energy to excel = money. Passion begins with an absolutely positive mind.

Lesson Two, starting today we should have “NO COMPLAIN, NO BLAME, NO GOSSIP & NO EXCUSES”. Anything happen, it is my fault. Can you say it. ” Anything happen it is my fault. Lesson Three, He likes to repeat the words he said so that the audience follow him. This is called an AAP. An Active Audience Participative program.

Lesson Four, when we open our mouth, we must make sure that we add value to our listeners. Our word must have ENERGY. We must have PASSION to add value to others.  We must have PASSION to add value to our clients. We must have PASSION to add value to our unit trust consultants. We must have PASSION to add value to our loved ones. We must have PASSION to add value to our TEAM. We must have PASSION to add value to our …

Lesson Five, when we repeat something many times, it became habit, it became behaviour. It became PATTERN. What we need is change PATTERN. Many people have the knowledge, but they don’t have the PATTERN. We don’t want to know the theory. We want to learn the TECHNIQUES.

Lesson Six, he tell stories. The first story is about the King that would like to find a TEAM to build his new castle. Before he continues, he asks the audience ” Do you like to listen to a story? … He waits for the response from auudience… The idea is that he succcesfully get the audience participated automatically.  Furthermore, he wants the audience to say YES.

Lesson Seven, get small YESss before you get BIG YES!

Lesson Eight, by telling stories, you attract your audience. Your audience will easily remember stories than numbers, remember stories than theories. STORIES vs THEORIES. STORIES stores into your memory.

Lesson Nine, when he tells stories, he also use his hands. STORIES, hands movement and asking audience to guess what he is goig to say helps audience to remember deeper.

Lesson Ten, after the any new things he showed us, he wants us to discuss in our group on what we have learned from that, or what dou think the best point to have from many points that he presented. You see how he creates the environment so that people use their brain and discuss. This is brainstorming.

At the end of the frst day seminar, we have been given homeworks, 1. to call at least 3 people, read 2 chapters of his book, write we have learnt on the first day. Read and underline the notes.

In summary what we’ve learned (by the way our group name during the training is BOLOS) on the first day are:

  1. 4 arrows of power communication (SHET)
  2. 7 steps of selling skills (CINYSAP)
  3. 4 types of salesman
  4. The seminar is high-energy action-packed seminar which emphasise in audience participation, games, stories, example, team work, focus, alert, creative, read posters etc

4 arrows of power communication (SHET)

  1. S for Strategy
  2. H for High Energy
  3. E for Eye Contact
  4. T for Transfer of Feelings

7 steps of selling skills (CINYSAP)

  1. C for Connection
  2. I for Interview
  3. N for Need (agreement on need)
  4. Y for You (promote you & your com)
  5. S for Solution
  6. A for Action
  7. P for Pour Cement

Rules of Selling (NTPESF)

  1. Client love to say No
  2. When he is Talking he is buying
  3. If client ask the Price. Don’t answer on the spot
  4. Check our Energy.Money is form of energy
  5. Ask Feeling questions

4 types of salesman

  1. machine gun
  2. boring tape
  3. malu-malu
  4. jual murah

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, if you were machine gun – you need to know that now is to change to better salesman (an XO consultant).

Besides the points above, all participants need to recite and memorise all posters pasted on the walls. Whenever there is a break, we recite it in front of the facilitator to get points. We also have our team cheers

Among posters that I remember:

  1. No failure, wrong result, change strategy
  2. I am a mental warrior
  3. You are your energy
  4. For things to change, I must change first
  5. I know I can be better
  6. No rapport no right to sell

Games that we learnt:




Video watched:




  1. Everything I do, I do it for you

We must have our sales culture oin our team i.e.:

  1. we must be prepared
  2. no blame, no complaint, no excuse
  3. leader must take charge to ensure his membes are all prepared
  4. no failure, wrong results – change strategy

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