Monday Unit Trust Agency Meeting Notes 12 Jul 2010

To come for the meeting or not to come. To come or not to come. Better do sales or come for the meeting. Many unit trust agents or any other business entrepreneur juggling with meeting and selling at the field.

If you ever read a book called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you will come across with the habit of “Sharpen the Saw’. Meeting is sharpening the saw.

I have heard a story on the BFM radio saying that ada dua penebang pokok balak yang besar. Masing-masing menggunakan gergaji. Ali penebang 1 dan Abu penebang 2. Ali asyik menggergaji pokok tak henti-henti. While Abu gergaji and take some time to sharpen his gergaji then gergaji balik.

Over the time gergaji siapa yang tumpul dan siapa yang tajam. Who can cut the tree faster. Ali or Abu. Who get tired fast and then quit. Abu or Ali. So that is the analogy for you to attend the meeting.

Monday JUST-Caliph-H unit trust agency meeting notes are as attached. Learn from the street not only from the book.

How many academician teach about business but never been in business themselves. Do you learn more from those who are actually doing it or those who are only teaching about it.

Download the unit trust agency meeting notes here: Brainstorming 12 July 2010 b-w

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