New Unit Trust Consultant Recruitment in 2012 Must Have at least 2 credits in SPM

What a shocking news to many that those who want to join as a unit trust consultant must have minimum 2 credits. 1 subject is in language (BM, BI or Mandarin etc). Another 1 subject is Mathematics

So what is credit then in SPM. How do we know that our potential unit trust consultant have the 2 credits. See the grade below:


You or your downline unit trust agent must have minimum BM 6 and Mathematics 6. Beyond that, you cannot become a unit trust consultant.

Last year rumours going around that you must have at least a Bachelor degree to be a unit trust consultant. So those yang belum ada debgree cepat-cepat lah jadi unit trust consultant sekarang. Kalau tahun depan FIMM implement only degree holder boleh jadik unit trust agent, menyosal ekau.

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