One Fantastic Day with Dr Lawrence Walter et al in Master Communicator Seminar

It is interesting when you have to sacrifice your own hard-earned money to attend the most talked-about seminar that has influence many unit trust consultants in many ways specifically and the rest of the public in general locally as well as globally.

Lesson One, when you scarifice something – you feel the value of that thing more! It is different from the seminar that I’ve attended for FREE during my career with the giant telcos. Why it is FREE! Because the company pays for you. The feel is different. So what is the feeling when you are the one paying. You feel the sense of ownership…, sense of responsibility, sense of HIGH value. If you don’t listen, if you don’t learn you have got to pay again. How much!!! Very much. Therefore when we were in the seminar room, we pay ATTENTION. Say again, we pay WHAT? …. Pay Attention. If we don’t pay Attention, we pay what…  we pay MONEY. And Dr Lawrence also says “I really REALLY want to be a Master Communicator”.  The whole participants (that includes Unit Trust Consultant, Unit Trust Agency Manager, Unit Trust Group Agency Manager and other Officers, Managers from Sara Lee, Tanah Sutera etc) are asked to repeat the quote above with HIGH Energy.

I like the style of how Dr Lawrence conduct and control the seminar. There is small CHALLENGE early in the morning that I encountered. I could not find the lift to the Berjaya Time Square Hotel. I am in the Berjaya Time Square already at 9am, but it takes me 10 minutes to find the lift to the hotel. There are many lifts there. AND I don’t know which is which until Cindy (Lawrence Walter Seminar Manager) call me that everyone is waiting. They could not start until I come. She gives me the direction. Booom… Alhamdulillah I found the lift.

I met Cindy and register myself for the seminar. Full of participants. Many of our group were there that includes Azizah, Wan, Jas, Lizaimi, Tini and Eliza.

Lyn open the seminar and introduce Dr Lawrence. Lesson Two, try something different from others. When Dr Lawrence is introduced, he didn’t come forward but he plays a few selected movies that are blended and refreshed to create SYNERGY and ENERGY, that remind you something, that associate you with something you have seen before. These create and generate interests, transfer the FEELING with energy. After that, then Dr Lawrence comes forward. But, he did not repeat to say I am Lawrence bla.. bla.. blaa… Great introdution. But he says … “……. …….) I forgot the exact word. The gist of  his introduction is ENERGY. The Energy to excel = money. Passion begins with an absolutely positive mind.

Lesson Three, starting today we should have “NO COMPLAIN, NO BLAME, NO GOSSIP & NO EXCUSES”. Anything happen, it is my fault. Can you say it. ” Anything happen it is my fault.

Lesson Four, when we open our mouth, we must make sure that we add value to our listeners. We must have PASSION to add value to others.  We must have PASSION to add value to our clients. We must have PASSION to add value to our unit trust consultants. We must have PASSION to add value to our loved ones. We must have PASSION to add value to our TEAM. We must have PASSION to add value to our …

Lesson Five, when we repeat something many times, it became habit, it became behaviour. It became PATTERN. What we need is the PATTERN. Many people have the knowledge, but they don’t have the PATTERN. We don’t want to know the theory. We want to learn the TECHNIQUES.

Lesson Six, he tell stories. The first story is about the two fisherman. Before he continues, he asks the audience ” Do you like to fish? … He waits for the response from auudience… He asks “If you don’t like to fish, do you like to see people fishing? Give me the sample of fish names. The idea is that he succcesfully get the audience participated automatically.  Furthermore, he wants the audience to say YES.

Lesson Seven, get small YESss before you get BIG YES!

Lesson Eight, by telling stories, you attract your audience. Your audience will easily remember stories than numbers, remember stories than theories. STORIES vs THEORIES. STORIES stores into your memory. THEORIES theos your memory.

Lesson Nine, when he tells stories, he also shows pictures on the slide presentation. Pictures of fisherman in the boat. STORIES and pictures help audience to remember deeper.

Lesson Ten, after the stories, he wants us to discuss in our group on what we have kearned from the stories. You see how he creates the environment so that people use their brain and discuss. This is brainstorming.

Lesson Eleven, he asks “Why must we learn to be a Master Communicator?” and discuss with your buddy next to you. What technique he uses. Questioning techniques and get the team to interact.

Lesson Twelve, after action by the audience, then he shows the objective of Communication. Communication is used to:

  1. build relationship easily
  2. motivate others to do …
  3. ….
  4. ….
  5. ….
  6. ….

Lesson Twelve, to be continued. Time is late already. I need to do one more assignment. Write about GOOD things of your buddy. And don’t forget we are also running a FREE seminar for you. Why we want you to become a Unit Trust Consultant. Click this link to know more and to register to our FREE seminar while the seats are still available. We take only 50 people per session. So hurry up…..


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