Our Agency Name is Caliph Consultants

I’ve asked opinion from our consultants on the new name for myUnitTrust.com consultants. Few names selected and we finally agreed to CALIPH Consultants. 

The reasons are:

  • we want it to be short, meaningful and marketable to both unit trust consultants, investors and the public
  • myUnitTrust.com blog has become popular for agents, consultants, would-be agents, MLMers, small business owner and those who would like to start their own business and quit their 9-to-5 job. But for attracting the new clients, the results is not significant.
  • name that reflects Islamic values as we promote only Islamic Unit Trust Funds
  • name that voted by our public mutual agents name, not syok sendiri if it is coming from my opinion alone
  • branding the CALIPH agency nationwide


9 thoughts on “Our Agency Name is Caliph Consultants

  • Caliph maksudnya Khalifah, ketua atau pemerintah Islam .Bagi saya secara peribadi , memang cantik ,ringkas dan kena pada tempatnya . Moga Caliph Consultant menjadi leader among Public Mutual group dari segi pencapaian jualannya.

  • hoho…nice name…
    simple, easy and paling best memberi “makna” besar tu….

    then…for all Caliphianz… hope we can achieve our “BIG” target this year onward…ya!!!

    salam… 😛

  • Well done Yang Ariff for such a special name. You got it first.

    All of us are Khalifah Of Allah which can be tranlasted as to be good to ourself, be good to others and make the world a good place for everybody. Read my car sticker la!
    The title come with a responsibility and accountability which is always a reminder for us in doing this business which is helping people to achieve their financial objectives.


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