April 25, 2007

Be An Agent

Where to Start?

If you are at least 21 years of age, possess a degree or at least SPM qualification and have a strong business contacts.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details. I am willing to help.

To speed up the application, kindly prepare the following documents:

  1. Two copies of your IC.
  2. Fourcopies of your passport-size colour photo.
  3. A copy of your relevant certificate of examination e.g. your degree, diploma or SPM.
  4. A copy of your bank statement or front page of your savings passbook (we accept only Public Bank)
  5. Bank-in RM260 at any Public Bank (ATM machine or counter) for Public Mutual account no 3-1466169-06. This is the registration fees which is refundable if you achieve RM50k sales within 6 months and thus it is actually FREE.

Take note that the earliest examination date for becoming a consultant normally is one and a half month from the date we submit the application. Thus, act now!

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Be your own boss! Be a Unit Trust Consultant.

You will enjoy the top 10 benefits as a Unit Trust Consultant as follows:

  1. Unlimited income
  2. One of the best commision structures in the industry
  3. Passive income and flexible working hours
  4. Overseas trips, public recognitions and awards
  5. Sales contests, incentives and campaign
  6. Professional sales and advanced IT tools support
  7. Integrated training and coaching series
  8. Be your own boss and lead your own sales agency opportunity
  9. Incentives and subsidies for agency building and for Chartered Financial Planning (CFP) Exam
  10. Fast track career promotions, bonuses, insurance coverage and much more

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

New Unit Trust Consultant Campaign 2011 (Jan to Dec 2011)

Join us today and enjoy the great benefits we can offer you. Full and part-time positions available.

Incentive 1: Joining Incentive Refund
Achieve RM50,000 in total personal sales within six month from the date of joining and we will refund your Computerised Unit Trust Exam (CUTE) and Joining Fees.
So, basically your investment is zero.

Incentive 2: Incentive Trip
Achieve a minimum total personal sales of RM650,000, you will book yourself a seat to Seoul! As compared to the standard National Sales Convention (NSC) Incentive Trip qualification requirement of RM850,000, a low RM650,000 qualification to the NSC is our wonderful way of saying welcome to all our new UTCs.

Don’t miss the boat! Join us today and enjoy these amazing benefits.
So, to grab this offer,

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why Would You Want To Be A Unit Trust Consultant?

Because you deserve to have a well-paid and fullfilling career in an industry that is enjoying explosive growth in Malaysia.

Join a profession that offers you personal and financial freedom.

A multi-billion ringgit industry. Yet vast untapped potential in Malaysia compared to UK as shown in unit trusts equity penetration rate below.

Grab the opportunity now. Don’t procrastinate.

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why No.1 Malaysian Unit Trust Company?

If you are married and have a son or daughter in school. You may not say to your kid, son, go to school and get no. 6, 7 or 10 etc in class. You will say study smart and hard and get no. 1 in class. Thus, why choose no. 2, 3, 4 etc when the no.1 is waiting and open for you.

Consistent performance and proven track record are there. If you want to buy durian, don’t choose the bad one. Choose the good one and you won’t regret. So don’t buy fund that are not performing*.

On top of that, we’ll support you with a suite of financial planning and sales tools as well as best-in-class training. The company will also subsidise you for pursuing Chartered Financial Planning (CFP) programme, if you meet certain sales target.

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Bright Future

Your success as a unit trust consultant depends upon your desire to excel.
Fast track consultant can achieve the highest rank of an agent as Mutual Fund Group Agency Manager (MFGAM) in one year and three months. It took many years to become a General Manager or a CEO of a company.

I knew many companies out there, that many if not all of their management staff struggle to become a CEO of the company, but unfortunately the CEO would normally will be picked up from outside of the company. Very true right! Here you don’t have to worry on that.

If you work smart enough, you will be the MFGAM. No one from nowhere will come and become your boss. For those who hate traffic jam, you can even have your office right in front of your house if you want. Other CEOs don’t have this privilege.

Furthermore, besides your sales commission, your staff (downline) performance will also contribute to your income directly. You will also get indirect commissions that consist of 5 levels i.e.

  1. Year-end bonus
  2. Breakway bonus
  3. Equalisation bonus
  4. Career benefits
  5. Profit sharing.

So far, I knew only 2 levels of extra benefits that you will get if you work for company (in general) i.e. yearly bonus and Employee Share Option Scheme if any. So, don’t wait for too long.

There are more to come. You can fly to Los Angeles or Tokyo for FREE vacation if your sales is greater than RM2.875m or RM850k (RM650k for new agent) respectively by the end of Dec 2011.

So hurry up. The faster you become a consultant, the easier and longer period for you to achieve the sales target.

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why Would I Join myUnitTRUST Consultants?

Professionalism, Innovation & Education
We are different from others! How is it true? Our key differences are:

  1. We help new consultant even without any background on finance and unit trust to pass the exam. Beside training that are provided by the company, we also arrange a weekend class to help those who are part-timers and still working with their existing company during weekdays.
  2. We structure the basic training module in such a way that it will save time and effort of new consultant. I know people are very busy now. What they want is simply training that will give them a jump start but can give great results.
  3. We have our weekly meeting that covers on the performance of each consultant, brief news from the company, motivation as well as some aspect of selling skills.
  4. We provide FREE homepage* and FREE email* for our new consultants that help them do sales even during their sleep, expose themself to the internet world, thus open to a huge market. * Only to the first 20 new consultants. First come first serve.
  5. We provide newsletters to our consultants (you can change the author name to yours) that can be forwarded to your clients or prospects. Look like a pro with minimal effort. Save your time. Great isn’t it?
  6. We help prepare FREE monthly unit trust tracking performance with charts for clients of our new consultants. Again time and effort savings. Due to overwhelming response, we limit this support for three months only. We will teach the new consultant to prepare servicing the clients where he/she can continue doing it on his/her own.
  7. We also have a big database of contacts. We do provide contacts (leads) to new consultants to help them start the ball rolling if necessary.
  8. Each person has his/her own unique style. We have our own strategy to make more money in less time with less stress. We apply the concept of HIGH TRUST SELLING, from the book that is written by Todd Duncan.
  9. We have a unique approach towards marketing unit trusts. We put emphasis on process instead of just products to help our new consultant and their clients achieve their financial goals. We already developed a system that consists of templates of emails, reports and newsletter that can be used repeatedly to service your clients. This special service is accessible within this website via our Agent Domain only.
  10. We encourage our consultant to build their businesses like a franchise model. You are the franchisor that have many franchisees.
  11. Besides Professional Sales and Analytical Tools that the company provides (Mutual CAMS, ADePT, FP Advisor etc), we also have a third party software that can monitor all unit trust funds performance in Malaysia and a simulation tool to estimate the amount of EPF money that can be withdrawn for unit trust investment.
    So, that’s it folks,

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details. My target is to have 49 first-tier consultants. So far 25 have responded.
Hurry up, before the first-tier consultants been filled-up.

Advantages of Doing Business of Your Own?

1. No retrenchment worries
2. No forced retirement
3. No hindrance to promotion
4. No income ceiling (no floor as well)
5. Grow at your own pace

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Unit Trust Business

1. Low capital. Low risk.
2. Sunrise industry. Huge potential to grow. Total EPF money is RM260 bill. Imagine that you get only 1% of the EPF money.
3. The potential to earn unlimited income
4. Attractive passive income and flexible working hours
5. Free holidays, recognition and awards
6. Sales incentives and campaigns to support sales effort
7. Helping people to maximise return of their money.
8. Helping people to start their own business at minimal cost.

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Unit Trust Business with PM

1. No. 1 private Unit Trust Managemnet Company (UTMC) in Malaysia.
2. The biggest branch support with 25 branches nationwide
3. Strongly supported by the vast resources of a reputable bank. 215 bank branches all over Malaysia can accept the mutual fund application.
4. Over 20 years of experience managing funds.
5. The most awarded private unit trust fund manager.
6. The largest recipient of EPF Members Investment Scheme (> RM2bill).
7. The most productive UTMC consultant
8. One of the best agent’s commission structure in the industry.
9. The longest time for incentive trip
10. Refundable joining fee
11. Priority services to high networth customers
12. Access to professional sales tools
13. Professional courses and training programmes will be provided

Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Building Unit Trust Business with my UnitTRUST Consultants

  1. Under the no. 1 UTMC in Malaysia – (Source: The Edge-Lipper, 20 Mar 2006)
  2. Implementing an e-approach on servicing clients and consultants. Time savings.
  3. Important notes and minutes of weekly meeting available online at myunittrust.com. Good for new consultants and part timers that have no opportunity to meet during weekdays. May be the first one to implement it.
  4. FREE newsletter that can be used for servicing your clients.
  5. Weekend classes in Cheras and Shah Alam

So, that’s it folks, there are many great advantages.
Call/sms/whatsapp Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details.

337 thoughts on “Be An Agent

  • Mr. Admin,

    Thank you for your reply. Correct me if I am wrong as I believe most of the mlm are having the same motto as you do. FYI, taking action was never the problem, having limited people to visit is my main concern. If you are able to address my concern, I will be more than happier to join your group.

    FYI, I am 42 this year and currently working as a Senior Production Manager in a MNC. Frankly speaking, I have joined more than 6 different mlm companies in the past 5 years, and believe me, I have tried alternate ways that a person can imagine and aggressiveness is never a problem for me. I foresee it should not be too diffiicult in learning and understanding your products as I am a fast learner and I have an engineering background. I just need someone that is able to point me to the right direction by telling me what is the most effective method to further expand my client base.

    In MLM, the top agents succeeded because they have a large volume of downlines instead of clients and i personally believe it should be the other way around. If you have the solution, do enlighten me. I am ready to join you at any point of time.

  • En Salam..it depends on your objectives. You can have both broad-based downlines and clients. However, volume is not the determining factor here. What is important is the quality of both of your downlines and clients.

    There is no short cut like in most MLM that I heard. InsyaAllah with the network that you have, insyaAllah you can be one of the top UTCs.

  • Salam semua,
    en arif, sy skarang berada di kuantan..sy berminat utk menghadiri seminar UT sprti yg
    en bwat di cheras…ade x seminar mcm tu kat kuantan dan siapa yg bleh sy contact?

  • salam…saya berminat menjadi agent unit trust..any suggestion siapa yg boleh saya contact? saya berada di area lembah klang..

  • En. Arif,

    sesuatu yang luarbiasa boleh dicapai oleh orang yang bertindak luarbiasa…. Bagi orang yang masih biasa-biasa, bagaimana boleh dilatih tubi supaya boleh jadi “garang dan ganas” di medan ini…?

    Golongan biasa-biasa ini ramai ahlinya, dan sebenarnya sentiasa bergelut untuk mencapai kejayaan….

  • Shahril, kalau “bermula” itu bakal mengubah masa depan… bersabarkah pemimpin2, mengajar dan melakukan proses2 bagi mendidik golongan itu kearah kejayaan dgn pelbagai minda kegagalan sebelumnya dlm diri?

    Tanpa perlu mencubit mereka dgn impian dan cita yang mereka tetapkan.?

    Saya hargai dan amalkan setiap nasihat semata2 kerana untuk meningkat ekonomi agar dapat membantu saudara2 saya…
    Terima kasih.

  • Salam en arif…..i dh jadi agent for 1 year++ but never attend any training except for CUTE. Sadly no guides frm my upline.i’ve been doing on my own.i know i can do more with proper guide n training.can i just join any of ur training?

  • As the new rules by Public Mutual, you must resign for 1 year then you can join another agency. My training is special for our agency ONLY. May be sekali dua can la.

  • Cik Ida ismail I hv my own agency in wangsamaju for new comers..we conduct training n guide them till 3 month..call me if u want me to help u.

  • salam tuan..
    I am a UTC from other bank and plan to migrate to PM. Is it posible? if yes, may I know the procedures? Thanks.

  • Salam Arif,

    I nk cari consultant area shah alam, senang nk join the discussion or meeting. U ada contact?thanks

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  • Tawaran untuk mana2 egency untuk buat roadshow, di Central Square, Sg. petani.

    18hb to 27 March 2011. Berminat? Hanya 1 egency sahaja di perlukan. sila hubungi saya di

    0194930509. Booth Terhad. tq

  • Hi there,
    i am interested to be UTC…im in Seberang jaya, Penang??? is there any agent here to meet and guide me….plz reply

  • Hi, I am intrested to join the Public Mutual Fund Agent. Could you please let me known how to be an agent of PM. I am now 34 year old and staying in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

  • Slm En. Arif.

    Saya ingin bertanya kalau umur dah hampir 50 boleh ke berjaya sebagai agen UT dan menduduki exam CUTE?? Saya mempunyai degree pendidikan dan masih lagi mengajar..

  • Fina, take the exam and then you got the licence. Datang esop 1130am di Public Mutual Training Room Cheras. Call Syafiq 014-2635083 to book the seat

  • aslmlkm,

    first of all thanks to admin lot of info i get here…
    my problem is i do have a license but expired..
    my upline seems doest help me and ignore me..maybe she-s busy..
    can i change my upline and it would be great if i can join ur group..
    advise me..


  • Hi,
    How can i join this UTC? i’m now living in manjung, perak. where the nearest seminar that i can join?
    thnks for help

  • Siti Khalijah…

    Adalah lebih sopan dan beretika
    kita mempunyai tanah dan laman sendiri
    Harap anda memahaminya.

    Saya percaya ini bukan budaya Champion…

  • ok.saya minta maaf.saya ingat website umum untuk unit trust.minta maaf pada admin website.kesilapan datang dr diri sy sendiri…boleh padam sy punya komen.but can i m sorry so much n thanks you to shahril n arif.

  • Saya telah tersilap langkah dan telah berjaya menjadi UTC yg gagal bersama syarikat lain..macam mana cara saya untuk menukar haluan dan menjadi sebahagian dari anda.

  • Azi,

    Tiada istilah “tersilap langkah”, malah apatah lagi
    GAGAL di syarikat lain.

    Saya punyai pengalaman tersendiri di company “biru”
    Manfaatkan pengalaman di sana, dan
    mari mula melangkah dengan yakin dan bersistem di sini
    carpet “merah’ terbentang luas buat anda.

  • please email me unit trust past year question cause im going to take the exam this coming saturday

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