Monday Brainstorming Session JCHI

Brainstorming by AM Nazri

Life Changing Oppurtunity event 10am – 12pm Bangsar

  • By Mr Sugu
  • Sugu 10am – 11.30am ,Structure 11.30 – 12pm

Training at Cheras cancel move to Bangsar

Kickoff Campaign qualification

  • Top 800 Personal Producer Jul – Sep
  • Recruit 2 agents August – September

Extra Bonus NSC Points 100 mill points

  • Second period now 21 Jul – 10 August
  • Third period 11 August – 30 August

SD Reminder and CPD mandatory

Sugu Training

  • Cause & Effect
  • Job Satisfaction
    • Happy when do your job
    • Your job is to give people better profits for other people
    • I want to be succesfull
    • Goal to get 1 million
  • Its your decision not your condition that decides your future
  • What I can do to get 1 million in next few days
  • If you do 100 presentation / month you can achieve 1 million sales
  • Work – people always think/believe work is not an option
  • MUST think work as a pleasure
  • What is the meaning of LIFE for you
  • Success – you cannot become rich until you take your personal responsibility

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