Tremendous JCHI Group Brainstorming by HC GAM Hasimah Mohamad

Sugu’s Vitamin M summary

  • The highest qualification iin this world is TO TAKE ACTION
  • ASK don’t let anything beome your ‘mental block’
  • Story of Intan : ASK kalau tak Tanya tak tahu
  • Set big goal…to test ourselves…take the challenge
  • BELIEF is our REALITY  – it controls you

Public Mutual Updates

  • 70% NSC Bonanza taken up
  • Briefing on PRS : 27 August 13, 2012
    • 3 sessions : 10am, 3pm, 8pm
    • Cheras Training Room
    • PRS Thursday @ KDU 3pm to 5pm by Ms Karen


  • Halfest

Market Updates

  • Most Asia’s market except Malaysia & NZ
  • US, China, Europe is the big worries, still in problem in situation
  • Jas believe there so much money in the world so the money has to go somewhere small markets unline the 3 giants

Shida’s sharing

  • Zulkhairi buku Universal Attaction based on Islamic versions
  • Subconscious mind kita akan hantar getaran pada Allah dan Allah akan qabulkan
  • If negative thoughts come ucap ‘nauzubillah min zaliq’
  • Jangan cakap murah rezeki but cakap ‘moga Allah limpahkan rezeki’
  • Kalau orang puji then cakap ‘amin’
  • Ya Razaq 40kali setiap lepas solat
  • Ya Latif untuk lembut hati

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