Quit my job. What business should I look for …

I’ve quit my job. So should I find another job or should I venture into business. If business, what kind of business. To me once you quit or ask to leave, you should consider build your own empire, your own business. Have you ever learned lessons from your experience being asked to leave the company or you are the one would like to leave the company. The employer say “Thank you” to you and then bye-bye. All your effort building the company, where are they gone. It become other people assets, systems etc. You didn’t own it. But if you build the system for your own company, it become your assets, your systems.

Next is, if business – what kind of business. As many people aware there are categories of businesses as follows:

  1. Conventional/traditional
  2. Franchise
  3. Multi-Level
  4. Agency
  5. Internet

Which one suits you? There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on each individual. I’ll pen down the pros and cons of the 5 categories of business on my next post.

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