Selling Tips by Joe Girard

I have shared the selling tips by Joe Girard during our Jan 24, Brainstorming.

Joe Girard is the top salesman in the US for 12 years consecutively. Dia ni dah masuk dalam Guinness Book of Record Top Salesman. Average sehari he sells 6 unit of cars (retail).

The most memorable things that I boleh ingat reading his book is:

“The name of the game is service. Service, service and service”

This remind me about the 3 rules of buying property: location, location and location.

What it means by service, service, service?

Maksudnya kita hendaklah bagi bagi service yang terlampau sehingga client tak sampai hati nak beli atau ambil perkhidmatan dengan orang lain.

Why is that some of our unit trust clients cannot stick to us alone. Most of the reason is that our service tak sampai ke tahap seperti apa yang dikehendaki oleh client kita.

Therefore to close on the first sales tu senang lah. But for the second repeat business, kalau service kita hampeh, maka client pun tak nak lah sign dgn kita lagi.

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