Comparison between RED and BLUE (was BLUE)

1. Client can access their portfolio in RED company through where as in the BLUE company client need to call customer service. Convenient and more transparent vs inconvenient. A good point to service your client. 2. RED has a special privilege for Mutual Gold member (client that invest more than RM150k) where they can Read more about Comparison between RED and BLUE (was BLUE)[…]

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Caliph Consultants Top Producers Jun 2018

Alhamdulillah. Tahniah Top Producer Caliph untuk bulan Jun 2018. Kejayaan tak datang bergolek. Umur bukan penghalang (era Tun M). Ada yang below 30. Ada yang above 50. Man Jadda wa Jadda pm agen-agen saya ini untuk melabur dan menjadi agen unit amanah di kawasan anda