The difference between the necessity and the objective

From Medan to Sibolga then to Barus, back to Sibolga then to Nias Island. This is the route that me and other 7 brothers spent our 41 days together in Indonesia starting 20 Nov 2011.

We are being sent to this world only for the test of “Siapakah yang paling takut (takwa) dengan Allah”. Allah will test us 24 hours a day until we die and meet our Allah. Whether we are young or old, whether we are man or woman, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are boss or makan gaji.

Not only that, Allah will test us on the condition or environment that He creates. Whether happy or sad, whether hot or cold, whether we are sick or healthy.

Success disisi Allah is not about rich or poor or sick or healthy. In richness, who can obey the commandment of Allah and the sunnah of His Nabi saw, then he is successful. In poor also, if he can perform the order of Allah and follow the steps of His Nabi, he will also succeed.

U can see Nabi Sulaiman a.s. succeed but Firaun failed. They are both rich and have kingdom but why one OK the other KO. Because Nabi Sulaiman a.s. obey the order of Allah but not the Firaun.

Our houses, our cars, our food and our dress, our wife, our children, our business/job are all the necessities. We need them. But these are not our maksud or objective. Then what is our objective?

You knew it already right. It is to “sempurnakan iman kita sebelum kita mati”. And with that insyaAllah we can answer the questions in our grave: who is your Rab, who is your Nabi, what is your religion. Then inside our grave Allah will send the air and fragrance from the Heaven. Our grave will be wide open.

In Padang Mahsyar, Allah will give us protection under the Arasy of Allah and let us enter the Jannah without hisab (resurrection).

Imagine if Allah hisab us in front of all the people from Adam till Qiamat. Habis lah kita. Malu.

Then we must hope that Allah will sent us to Jannah without hisab. In Jannah there will be no work, no business, no toilet etc. All are nikmat. No more cold calling, prospecting, service unit trust client. No…

If your eyes always love to see beautiful woman, then you must know that in the Heaven there is a bidadari yang tercantik. Lebih cantik dari semua bidadari dalam syurga. Bidadari yang biasa pun, kalau air ludah dia jatuh kat lautan, maka semua air laut akan jadi manis. Kalau selendang dia jatuh kat dunia ni, nescaya semua lelaki tak boleh tidur, tak boleh kerja….Asyik dan mahsyuk teringat akan selendangnya.

All the bidadari jealous and ask this bidadari. Why is that you are so beautiful. The bidadari said I am so special that Allah has created me not for anybody except for those who in the world has sacrifice himself, his wealth and his time in the path of Allah. Her name is La’iba. Do you like to have her bro…

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