The easiest way to grow your unit trust agents business is not to lose the existing clients

unit trust client queue to but unit trust fundIn the beginning of building my client base, I did many things what the mind can think of and what my upline and friends tell me. You name it. Semua dah buat. Macam face-to-face, redah, bukak booth, cold call, seminar-based selling. Email marketing, blog dll.

After getting the client base, I found out that the easiest and cheapest and fastest way to get new unit trust client is by getting referral from the existing clients.

So, how then to get a referral from your existing clients:

  1. Give extra-ordinary service to your existing client. Do a little bit extra that other unit trust consultants don’t want to do. Contohnya kalau client kita sakit, kita hantar dia pergi hospital dll
  2. Send regular investment report showing the status of his portfolio samada untung atau rugi. Jangan masa untung je kita hantar report. Masa rugi banyak unit trust consultant yang cabut sebab tak cinta dengan apa yang dia buat
  3. Bagi hadiah
  4. Macam2 lagi

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