The Power of Consistency

I have a chit chatting with our group unit trust consultants at the Kapitan restaurant Ara Damansara just after their booth promotion at Subang Airport.

Ingat nak main ping-pong, tapi dah tak sempat. Maghrib dah dekat. All of us pekena tosai. Makanan yang lebih healthy berbanding roti canai. Kalau roti canai, then kita kena jogging 5 km baru la hilang kolestrol dia tu. I dah kena berhati-hati as my sugar level has gone up to 7 now.

Among other thing that we have discussed are:

  • how to attract potential client come to you instead of we come to them
  • how to be long in the unit trust industry

I’ve told them an analogy that I learned during my 3 days outing. “If we want to boil water in the kettle. What we do. Kita buka api tu for may be about 10 minutes then air pun mendidih. What happen if api tu kita bagi api sangat besar melampau for 1 minit. Then kita tutup. After 10 mins, kita bagi lagi api besar jugak for 1 min je… then repeat. Sampai qiamat, air tu takkan mendidih InsyaAllah.

In the same way, kalau kita buat bisnes unit trust ni or even bukan unit trust bisnes – MLM ke, takaful ke insurance ke. Kalau kita terlalu semangat menggunung but for a little while. Kita dapat close one client, then kita tidur. Next week buat pulak, close one client, then kita tidur lagi. It will take very very long for you to succeed. Once air tu mendidih, banyak orang dapat manfaat. Once you have enough client-based, say 90 clients, then it will be very easy for you to continue doing unit trust business.

I presume untuk survive in the unit trust business with a handsome income, you must at least service 90 clients. This model is for CPFcase only. For easy calculation, we divide 90 with 3 months. Why 3 months. Kalau you tak tahu, then you must come to our seminar.  Thats equal 30. It means you serve 30 clients in a month. We assume each client average investment is RM10k. Thus, 30 clients multiply by RM10k. It is RM300,000 a month. How much income you will get.

Do you think servicing basically one client a day is a big deal. NO right. Do you think any other business that are easier than unit trust.

  • Do you think kedai mamak can only serve one client a day?
  • Do you think your boss will allow you to do only 1 hour job a day? Kerja 8 jam la Arif. Kalau kita curi masa kerja, tak berkat la pulak. Meeting a client takes about an hour of your time that include the journey and preparation.
  • Do you think meniaga burger ke, jambu88 ke boleh serve one client and it is enough for the day?

Jawapannya semua tak boleh. Tapi unit trust boleh.

Then why is still people cannot get close to the figure RM300k sales a month. It lies on the Power of Consistency. The Muslim says “istiqamah”.

Can we jamak (combine) all 5 times fardhu solah a day during Subuh. Cannot right. So we must do istiqamahly. Subuh ada masa dia. Zohor ada masanya. Asar ada masanya. If we missed Subuh this morning, it will never come back to you. It’s gone. Siapa yang rugi. Kita la rugi. If we missed servicing a client in a day. Siapa rugi…


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