Revealed… Unit Trust Consultant Letter to His Clients

I believe I would rather tell you all, what I wrote this morning to my clients to take advantage on the current KLCI level. So that you may get the idea on how to use it to your clients as well.

Even for the people who have shown their interest to become a unit trust consultant should read this letter. So that they can see the bright future of becoming unit trust agent. For the new existing unit trust consultant, you can modify this email and send it to your prospect to invite them to join unit trust business.

The KLCI chart adalah ihsan dari a friend in Public Mutual Melaka. Here is the letter:


How Your Understanding on KLCI Chart Will Make You Millionaires… while working

Assalamualaikum & Salam Ceria,

Do you think the worst is over? So far it shows that Oct-08 is the worst for KLCI since Jan-08. See KLCI historical chart as attached for your copy. Forward it to your friend as you like.

What can we do for this huge opportunity or danger you may say it. Many people still skeptical. But some people who does take action between January till June this year by investing in stock market and unit trust has accumulated at least 10% profit.

Imagine in the next 3 years. Do you think KLCI will remain 1100 or at least go back to it 1500 level. What is the possibility that it goes down to 800 points as in Oct-08.

Do you believe AXIATA value is RM2.50 in the next 3 years. Sama value dengan company second board yang unknown.

We are now in 2009. Rewind the time to 1998 when the KLCI was at 262 level. If you were given the chance to buy any stocks or unit trust fund at that time, will you buy? Any month in 1998, if you invest – you will make profit minimum 30% after 3 years.

Similarly, if you were in 2012 (that’s 3 years from now) when the market is 1500 again, will you buy unit trust in 2009 which the KLCI was only at 1100. Try divide 400 (that is 1500-1100) with 1500 to see the potential profit. It is a whopping 27%. What if, we play an active strategy. Whenever we reach our target profit, we lock it and re-enter the market again. How much profit you can get…

Arif Ismail

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