Top Producer Caliph Advisor July 2013

Tahniah diucapkan kepada AM Mohd Huzairi a.k.a Cikgu Huzairi kerana telah promoted as Agency Manager. Now kita ada 8 AM & CM dalam Caliph Advisor. May Allah bless us with more stronger and awesome agency force!

Never be afraid to ask for sales, ask for referals, and make some mistakes, itís all part of life and learning.†Man jadda wa jadda. Siapa usaha dia dapat. Tahniah for the top producer Caliph unit trust consultant. Tahniah kepada yang dapat Bonanza Raya. Next shall be Bonanza Merdeka yang telah diumumkan. Check out with your respective upline about it.

Arif Ismail, and Caliph Advisor are conducting a FREE SEMINAR every Wednesday 800pm or every SATURDAY 11am. A one-hour seminar on how you can change your life into financially freedom. Register at or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

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