Top Producer Jan 2011

2011 January has just gone. We cannot turn it back. And the results are attached. As promise for 2011, the No 1 for AS and ASP category will get a prospect of unit trust agent each. Congrat Raimy and Cikgu Huzairi.

Don’t forget our goals that we have set for 2011. 11 months to go. InsyaAllah if you follow your plan, Allah swt will make it happen. Activity, activity and activity.

Remember the 5 Important Things that we must do. No 1 is the list, No 2 is … if you cannot remember it, attend our training again.

Top Producer 2011 Jan Caliph Unit Trust Consultants

p.s. Arif and conduct training and seminar for those who want to be a succesfull unit trust agent at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur every Saturday. Click for detail NOW

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