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  • Sy berminat utk menjadi agen PM. Btw, adakah sy masih berpeluang utk menjadi agen pd ms skrg jk sy berhijrah ke luar negara selama 3-4 thn pd akhir thn hadapan? Adakah sy bole membuat aktiviti sbg agen jk sy berada di sana?

  • Ya Malinda. Anda boleh menjadi agen selagi anda rakyat Malaysia tidak kira dimana anda berada. Pelabur pula tidak kira warganegara. Semua boleh melabur. Oleh itu peluang anda terbuka luas untuk menarik pelabur dari luar negara.

  • i interested to be an agent.but i dun have the clear picture of being an agent and the advantages of being an agent.please guide me.and i need to know the requirement too.tq

  • Liza,
    Some of the info are already on http://www.myunittrust.com. You click “Be An Agent” menu on the top of the page. The best thing to do is to meet us during our seminar. SMS me (013-3640043) your hp no so that I can explain detail.

    However for your convenient Liza, I append the info as below
    Where to Start?

    If you are at least 21 years of age, possess a degree or at least SPM qualification and have strong business contacts, ask

    Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details. I am willing to help.

    To speed up the application, kindly prepare the following documents:

    A copy of your bank statement or front page of your savings passbook (we accept only Public Bank)

    Two copies of your IC.

    Six copies of your passport-size colour photo.

    A copy of your relevant certificate of examination e.g. your degree, diploma or SPM.

    Take note that the earliest examination date for becoming a consultant normally is one and a half month from the date we submit the application. Thus, act now!

    Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

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