Brainstorming the J-CHI Unit Trust Consultants

Brainstorming 19/03/12
by HC GAM Hasimah


  • CPD Pathway to Success RM 20 (5ACE & 8CPD & Financial Workshop RM 10 (2ACE & 4CPD)
  • 27th March Leaders meeting
  • 28th March BoP by GAM Hasimah 8pm-10pm Cheras
  • 25th March KDU invitation to Financial Planning Talk 930am to 1230pm by Ms. Linnet Lee

New SD form

  • must submit sebelum 30th September 2012
  • all except 2010 & 2012
  • must submit every 2 years

Group Activity
3,4,5 April
RM 30/pax per day


Financial Talk
Regionally M’sia punya market paling worse tapi market kita less volatile YTD performance kecik sgt others two figures.

Fund Rankings
Persepsi mengatakan bahawa DALI good fund tapi mengikut 3 years performance Morning Star Overall Ratings – DALI cuma 4 stars rather than dana-dana dalam Public Mutual Islamic Equity got 5 stars

A Company dari USA : Nicole bergabung dengan Hwang Investment Management amik 30% daripada aset Hwang

Ittikal dulu low sekarang high
PIDF dulu moderate sekarang low
Jas comment : as market goes higher the risk is lower, so PIDF is good for now. low risk high return : 3 years votality – 9.5 return – 20.21% as compare to agressive fund.

Jas sharing
140k client just sign dan a cup of coffee – Jas build relationship dgn client dalam selama buat sales
Jas : we are selling trust to the clients, sape2 pun boleh jual unit trust, they believe you and trust you then u can sell. build trust with your new clients. Sometimes relationship dgn customer lebih baik dpd relationship dgn spouse. Jas secret recipie ialah her customer trust her

download podcast 13th march BFM Raymond Phoon : EQ for great relationship.

download here

  • trust is like bank account is it positive or negative?trust also have different levels

Arif Sharing
Kita dah 7 tahun dalam bisnes, Read Robert Kiyosaki again, if u in makan gaji things we are individual. BESI Quadrant.we are still in Self Employed quadrant.

  1. role play for jumpstart
  2. brainstorming on Saturday - sharing & sales tracking

Arif  and J-CHI (JUST -Caliph-HC-IWGoC) are sharing expertise and knowledge regarding selling pelaburan unit trust, but these knowledge without action is like you buy an ice cream and leave it in the open air without having (makan la) it. So it will become cair and cair and cair. And finally obsolete. So take action now. Join our FREE seminar at Public Mutual Cheras in Level 2, Cheras Commercial Centre next to Hotel Caliber and Restoran Janbo. Call Zarif 019-3405447 or register HERE


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